Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: Deadpool (2016)

What's there to enjoy on valentine's day? Buy a chocolate for your partner? Go cuddling? Write a love letter for your crush? Meeeeh. Go fuck yourself. Or spare your fucking time to watch a new Deadpool movie. Trust me, it's a love story. No, it's an horror.

So basically there's this guy, Wade Wilson, a former special forces operative who's falling in love with a stripper named Vanessa. Thay have a huge love for each other. One day, Wade plans to propose to Vanessa, but he collapses. Doctor told him that he got cancer. In order to get back in love with Vanessa, Wade has been offered to cure his cancer by some society. Things turn wrong. Wade become humanly strong and able to heal himself. The price that he must pay, his skin looks like an avocado having sex with another avocado. Wade decide to take revenge on Francis, the guy that turn him into this fuckface so that he can meet Vanessa again.

After Fox fucked him up in X-Men Origin: Wolverine, finally we got The Deadpool movie/character  we deserve. The one that Fox does not sew his precious asset, his mouth. It's got the meta humor, cool action sequences, lovable characters. But the important part is Deadpool doesn't try so hard to become a superhero film. A Superhero that everybody hates to love with a great sense of irresponsibility.

Tim Miller knows exactly how to do it. He knows what's good in Deadpool. It's Deadpool himself. Inside his tight red-suit, there's a man who's actually a victim of an experiment. There's no hero vibe in him. And Tim never breaks Deadpool character in the movie. And the way he directs the movie shows that Tim wants audiences to know that there's more to Deadpool when you dig into it other than a foul-mouthed, sarcastic, piece-of-ballsack character.

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