Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

The aftertaste of Captain America: Civil War and especially Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 last longer than expected, people do not realize the latest X-Men movie is out there playing at the movie right now. And it sets up Apocalypse, the strongest villain/mutant the X-Men has ever faced. How do people miss this? At least this is what i saw at the movie yesterday. The crowd is... Meeh. Enough of the crowd, let's get to it.

Thousands years ago Before Christ, there lives En Sabah Nur, the oldest and strongest mutant (or-so) praising himself as The One, God among humans/mutants with only one goal in his mind. Wiped the entire human race so he could build a better new world without discrimation against mutants. Backed-up by his loyal Four Horsemen, Apocalypse sends threats to the X-Men, who separated all over the world after the time-travel madness from the Days of Future Past, led by Professor X forcing themselves once again united to defend the world from massive destruction.

Despite all the mixed-review on the web, I actually enjoyed the latest installment of Bryan Singer's. Bryan Singer once again cemented his name as The Man, The One You Go To when it comes to X Men saga. He knows the how-to comprehensively blend so many characters in a movie long before Marvel came up with The Avengers. Introducing old yet new characters in a perfectly fresh-and-fun way and stick with their character. The credits goes to the actor and actresses who played really well for the movie. Jamesc McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and the other new ones successfully maintain or moreover top the dynamic of the characters since the First Class.

Yet X-Men Apocalypse suffers for its plot that's too generic for the superhero genre. How could it slap Apocalypse in the title but it can't produce the ambience and dreadful atmosphere of the apocalypse (in case you're living under a rock, apocalypse also means the end of the world) for over two and half hours of the movie. It's almost Apocalypse is just another villain for the X-Men. So much for 'The Strongest'. Also there are some major sequences where Bryan Singer could elevates those to great emotional moments instead he toned those down with unnecessary acts. Of course I can't tell you which scenes I'm talking about. 

And wow do I need a Magneto stand alone movie? Or it's just Bryan Singer loves the Magneto so much, its Magneto sub-plot and execution is far better than its main-plot. It may as well called X-Men: Magneto's Redemption. His story in the movie is so dark, I guarantee the forest scene where his daughter is kidnapped sticks with you after the credit rolls, that scene (hell almost all of the Magnet's scene) is brilliantly executed and probably my one of my superhero moments of all time. And to be honest, since the First Class, what's good about the (new) X-Men is Magneto character's circling around his belated frenemies, Professor X and Mystique.

With that being said, X-Men Apocalypse is far from bad movie yet it can't detached from superhero generic plot. But it filled with tremendous funny moments and one-liners and who else better to that other than Quicksilver and Nightcrawler, becoming one of the most enjoyable X-Men movie I've ever watched.

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